What it is like:

At Hills we aspire to go beyond the traditional education; at its most basic, it means being open to new experiences, ideas and allowing ourselves to grow from what we encounter in the world. We bring together the inspiring minds whose useful skills and techniques which enables to tap into that creative ‘right brain’ thinking and bring a new perspective to innovation, technology, problem-solving and managing change into our society.


Innovating Curriculum:

Knowledge pack is incomplete without acquiring creative skills. Creative thinking techniques may sometimes look a bit ridiculous; there are good principles behind most of them. The importance of developing the curriculum is much prioritized. The outcome of each subject you learn should not be used less. Our professors do not give up the everyday works on improving the curriculum and teaching techniques.

What is the future business with technology? The question is not new, but I decided to do my own research.

Prof. Antione Portmann


You do not Study with us, you Learn:

Understanding the key skills of each candidate and working on to be a part in making them achieve their goals are quite challenging. Our professors focus on the feedback from the students on courses and teaching methods and try to know their demand on education this helps us prepare a set of procedures to build their satisfactory level and prove their education need going beyond the curriculum.

Developing Skills:

Developing yourself and your skill sets to add value for the organization and for your own career development. Fostering an attitude of appreciation for lifelong learning is the key to workplace success. We give this opportunity just because you need it.

Going through a plan:

We understand that Planning has become one of the most important topics, if not the most, in the education arena, particularly when the world registers the highest education levels in history. Precisely we realized our schooling should necessarily translate into more planning development.

Decision Making:

No subject is complete without understanding the concept of decision making and it a vital knowledge to know as a student as an employee as a business person and as a common man. Our professors never cover a subject leaving behind the chapter on decision making in each subject.