The Secrets of Hospitality

The Secrets of Hospitality

15 days Program for National & International Candidate

Understanding the secrets of Swiss Hospitality

Switzerland is known for its rich culture and history. Considering tourism, the hotel management and hospitality exceptionally tends to be the best among several nationals. What makes it popular? Why the term Swissness gives the loyalty of the product? Join our program to know the answer!! 

Skills Focused

  • Presenting and Professionalism 
  • Hotel Management
  • Hospitality Ethics
  • Cross Culture Implementation 

What is the outcome:

  • Improvement in the focus of Functions and Mechanisms. 
  • Acquire knowledge in professional development.
  • Development in the skills you need in a variety of occupations.
  • Improvement in interactions. 
  • Engaged in an International group, you will get the opportunity to know multiple cultures. 

Off the campus

Forget not to use of the opportunities to visit star hotels

Who can apply

  • This program is dedicated for Undergraduates, Graduates students who wish to have an insight and update on current core areas of the relevant topic to develop their professional network.
  • This program is dedicated to working professionals who wish to improvise their career to the next level.


Fees and Conditions

  • The total fee for the 15 days study program is 2200 CHF.
  • The total fees cover workshops, certificate, study materials, food, accommodation, star hotel visits, local travel and airport services. 


Programs are conducted every month. In accordance with the candidate registration, the appropriate date will be offered.

Visa and Program Itinerary

  • Visa procedure may differ for each nationality. The school assists in the visa application for a shorter stay of 15 days only. For detailed process email us at
  • Candidates will be sent the program itinerary once they confirm with the registration.


  • Candidates are asked to submit the online registration form. 
  • One of our admission members will get in touch with you for further process.
  • Successful candidates will be sent an invitation letter.