We welcome the multi national students with the our mission of getting you one community one life. We would need students to get involved by seeking out opportunities that keep you busy and occupied so that you won’t think about hard times. Try to work, intern, volunteer, or travel. You could also join a sports team or club, join a gym, or participate in program activities.



Student Diversity

We puts an emphasis on the School’s high standards, excellence in education, as its long-term vision to bring the better experience to all students to cherish their college life at Hills. We understand we cannot always make you bookworms; our student community has widely expanded its development towards extra-curricular activities making students life interesting.  Know to the fact that your days are our responsibilities, we have made student service activities considering various duties that are obliged:


“We forget not to celebrate the vairous beautiful cultures”






Student Support

Students are provided ways to identify their own skills and consultant with tutors, thus making the pathway with a range of ideas to successfully complete the training program. The support is provided not only connecting to your academic but immensely to self-care, personal concerns, well-being, disability, abuse and violence. We are at the student’s disposal to provide the best service that would make a comfortable journey throughout their study period. One of our biggest strength is the zone that we create for the students, we remember your wellbeing is our backbone.

Student Activities

Experiencing new cultures, and obtaining a better understanding of your own culture, can result in some of the most positive, life-altering experiences students have while studying abroad. Students activities such as engaging yourself in building projects, expressing the idea to built the growth and stability of oneself, attending seminars and events; all these are the valuable things that would highly support you alongside your studies and successfully complete your course. The student activity department meets will be conducted every Wednesday and Friday at the student office. Updates will be shared in the notice and central systems.

Arts & Sports

As much as your studies are important, sports and arts too. Students are granted to engage in extra these activities to make them fit by mind and soul. You will also learn many things about successful living in all the things you do that take place outside the classroom and in areas that you may not feel are connected to academics at all. The School allows such activities twice your academic year at Hills and also allows to external competitions. Switzerland is one of the best place the try physical acitivties apart from common sports practised any where else in the world.