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We believe in Passion, Force and Enthusiasm intends to do Great Things.

Hills School is an English Private Higher Education Institution in Switzerland. We offer a wide range of Swiss Quality business programs that are recognized worldwide. We focus on the career requirement for our domestic candidates and our concentrated area also include computer certifications that are highly recognized in Switzerland. We put ourselves to stand out the better and best. Our goal is to achieve what our students need.

Discover More Ways

There’s a lot be learned over the next few years. Much of that you will learn in a classroom. You will also learn many things about successful living in all the things you do that take place outside the classroom and in areas that you may not feel are connected to academics at all.

Mission & Vision 

To potentially be the better place for education.

We strive to make everyday improvement in our teaching methodologies and be creative to inspire and motivate students to achieve their goals. We contribute to improve our skills and focus on out-of-box thinking to prove students there are more ways to reach what they desire and also to bring our school to the next level.


At Hills, we put an emphasis on its high standards, excellence in education, its long-term vision and expects opportunities to grow professionally. Extending the networks, we establish a better place for our members and students. Our goal is to be unstoppable – for the good things.

Our Journey

For years, Hills has been highly trying to develop its level to reach heights. Our journey might be simple in terms but there are hard earned with the support of our highly talented and motivated team members. Hills, place a thank you note to all our students who are the first reason for us to be at the better place where we are today.


The Hills School was started for a small group in Zurich offering Foundation Business Courses, Computer Courses, German and English Language Courses with the vision to reach miles.

2015 – 2016

Considering the extended request which intended to bring in more Business Programs and more professional certificate course hence we introduced ECDL Courses.


2017 – 2018

The Hills School established their new campus in Lausanne.

Enabled candidates to enroll in any of our program and choose classroom location at Zurich or Olten or Aarau or Lausanne.